Out of Inventory Space!

A simple board game that takes you on a 4 man adventure around the castle. You will uncover various treasures and monsters! Due to your scrawny arms and small backpack you can only bring 3 things with you. Try to be the player with the most gold at the end of the last round!


Use mouse to interact with the game

Left click for buttons

Right click (hold) + move mouse to look around

Mouse wheel to zoom in and out a bit.

Red tiles are for Encounters, when you end your turn there you draw an Encounter card. (fights, buffs, rest)

Brown tiles are for Treasure, when you end your turn there you draw a Treasure card. (items)

White tile is the shop, this is where you sell items you accumulate for some extra gold.


Build2 - Fixed round counter not ticking down on UI.

Build3 - Fixed dice roll loop that would let you essentially pick your roll. Also fixed a dragon being called "Goblin".


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It's a pretty nice-looking game, but there isn't a lot of interaction on the player's end, and the camera sensitivity is way to high- at least, at default. Do having health potions or swords/shields let you use them for combat? And, if so, how helpful are they? I couldn't seem to figure out.

Thanks for playing. Unfortunately it was a vast undertaking to get this ready in 48 hours so a lot of my intended features had to be stripped.

At this time, the items in your inventory are just to be sold. I managed to get some buffs in to the encounter table so that the player isn't helpless. The original goal was to make the items you gain usable so you end up with clutter and you could use the items to get a benefit, like health or more attack, or simply sell it when you get around to the shop.

Well, I'm sure that if you ever decide to add those features, your game will become much more impressive :)