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Stardust! From the small particles of dust that flow around each other and slowly compact comes forth the growth of a new star. Not every spec of dust can work its way up to being a star, but maybe you can.


Left arrow to steer left

Right arrow to steer right


v1.0 - First post around 8:54PM Dec 14

- Once you get to about asteroid mass your screen gets so big it makes objects not spawn anymore because they are too far away from the player. I will fix soon.

- Once you get smacked by an object it becomes hard to control, really not sure on this one other than it is related to collisions and gravity set to 0.

V1.1 Fixes around 9:30PM Dec 14

- Fixed distance/scale problem by modifying how far enemy can be before removed

- Adjusted enemy spawn limit because field is barren

V1.2 Post-Jam

- Added some object size randomization

- Added an indicator for direction

- Added X, Y, and Category for cool information about your space object

- Tweaked speed to increase as you get bigger

Ludum Dare 34 Page:



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